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YU-GI-OH CCG: Spirit Warriors

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    Thenewest 60-card booster set, Spirit Warriors, takes full advantage of the latest updates to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD
    GAME! Link Monsters, the Extra MonsterZones, and strategic card placement are key elements in the Decks that can be built
    from the cards in this set.Spirit Warriors welcomes back a long-time favorite theme in addition to introducing 2 brand-new
    Deck themes!
    TheSix Samurai return! You already know the story of the Six Samurai and their legendary forebears. Now, take command of
    the warriors that support them from theshadows every stepof theway! By using the new ExtraMonsterZonewith a brand
    new “Six Samurai” Fusion Monster, you can control 6 “Six Samurai” monsters at the same time. If each of them is a different
    Attribute, you’ll be able to use a card that skips your opponent’s turn completely! These new “Six Samurai” cards are
    compatible with the original“Six Samurai” cards as well, so you can build a brand-new Deck if you want to, or just dust off
    yourold one and update itwith new cards.
    Joining the Six Samurai are two brand-new monster themes that care about where cards are played!
    - Expert marksmen that trigger powerful abilities when a Spell/Trap Card is activated in the same column as one of
    theirmonsters! By carefully positioning your monsters and combining them with the column-based Trap Cards from
    CircuitBreak, you can corner your opponent and force them to activate your effects for you!
    - Manipulate the condition of the field with spirits that control the weather! Gather 3 of these spirits on the field and you
    can Link Summon a monster that grants the monsters itpointsto total dominanceover your opponent’s cardsand
    The Spirit Warriors booster set contains 60 cards:
    40 Super Rares
    20 Secret Rares
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