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YU-GI-OH CCG: Hidden Summoners Booster Box

YU-GI-OH CCG: Hidden Summoners Booster Box

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Hidden Summoners is Fall 2018’s 60-card, all-foilbooster set, and it’s packed with 3 new Deck themes that use multiple Summoning
methods! Each Deck strategy introduced in Hidden Summonerscombines theflexibility of Link Summoning with the raw power of
another type of Special Summon. Here’s what you can look forward to this Fall!
Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys rises from the ashes and is reborn asa Ritual Monster! Both the Phoenix and its attendant, Hand of
Nephthys, are making the jump to the modern era. Each has aRitual Monster based on theoriginal card, and they also get their own
cadre of Level 2 attendants thatletyou destroyyour own cards to use their effects. Destroy another card in this theme, and its own
secondary ability will activate in your next Standby Phase, givingyou two great effects for theprice ofone! The Link Monsters in
this theme are based around Ritual Summoning multiple RitualMonsters. One gathers the piecesyou need to Ritual Summon or
revives fallen monsters, while the other powers up based on how many Ritual Monstersyou use to Link Summon it.

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