9th Edition

Ninth Edition features many cards from older base sets and expansions. While many of these cards were very powerful during their original print run it remains to be seen if they are still powerful in Magic today. With Ninth Edition came a redesign of Fat Packs. The Fat Pack consisted of two boxes wrapped around by a card box wrapper featuring new art. The player's guide was also reduced in size but was now sturdier. Also added were 6 divider pieces with artwork for inside the boxes. In addition to the 350 cards available in booster packs, the Ninth Edition Core Game contained 9 "starter cards", labeled with the collector numbers S1 through S10 (there is no card labeled S6, however), which were not available in booster packs. These were simple "vanilla" creatures, such as Eager Cadet, which were designed to introduce new players to the game but which were regarded as bad cards and disliked by experienced players. As of 2011, Ninth Edition is the last Magic set to be printed with white borders. The set's premium foil cards were printed with black borders. Cards made available in Cyrillic when Ninth Edition was marketed in Russia also were black-bordered; this marked the first time a new language had been printed for the game since Simplified Chinese was added to Fifth Edition
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