7th Edition

7th Edition Starter Despite being an advanced level set, 7th Edition contained a separate basic subset for new players similar to the products that were previously offered as Starter 2000. Cards that appeared in the 7th Edition Starter special pre-constructed theme decks did not appear in boosters. This would be the last starter level product released by Wizards of the Coast. [edit] Notable Facts 7th Edition was the last base set printed in the 'old' frame. 8th Edition introduced the modern card frame. It was the first base set to contain foil cards, which were printed with black borders. It was the last base set to be released prior to the final expansion of the then-current block (7th Edition was released before Apocalypse). Starting with 8th Edition, the base set editions (now known as Core Set editions) were released after the last expansion of the then-current block and before the first expansion of the subsequent block. It was the first and only set to feature a loose storyline that tied together most of the cards in a core set, a practice done nowadays exclusively in expert sets. The story involved a conflict between the North, South, East, and West Paladins.
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